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OPPORTUNISTE disengages from the art world's current obsession for the new and the rush to produce, from the overproduction of artworks and, in consequence, the overconsumption it generates. Opportuniste is for an anti fast-art, a vindication for slowness, a vibrant curatorial platform, passionate, generous and deliberately unprofitable.

The Opportuniste project consists of revisiting an existing work of art and providing it with a new intention through encounters and the possibilities they generate. To prepare the project, the guest artist spends time with several interlocutors who share a connection with the chosen piece and from these encounters is born - or not - the possibility for the artist to propose an extension of their work.

OPPORTUNISTE aims to provide a platform for the work of international artists as an immersive experience which takes as its starting point an already produced piece of the invited artist. 
OPPORTUNISTE is an unusual moment and time on a neighbourhood distant from the traditional art circuit of Marseille.

Opportuniste Projects invites Rachael Woodson (U.S.A.) to reconsider her work Untitled (New York) on June 1, 2019 from 3pm to 7pm as part of Marseille's Printemps de l'art Contemporain.

Opening June 1st 15h-19h
Untitled (New York) ou pas
Invited artist: Rachael Woodson
Research curators: Ronald Reyes & Laurent le Bourhis
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Opportuniste is a project by Dos Mares - Marseille

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